Our Rationale.

There is likely no other expression more used to describe a dining establishment than “Michelin-starred restaurant”. Like so much in the universe of chefs and dining rooms, the term is as a buzz word–a phrase that tries to say everything and ends up saying nothing. For 86 years the Guide Michelin has been assigning stars and other symbols to restaurants in France. The company Michelin Travel Partner now publishes 32 European, American and Asian guides with more on the way. It’s why Michelin has become the chief arbiter of restaurant quality and is taken as gospel primarily by all except the experienced diner. The most-important question one must ask is do the Michelin non-verbal designations or ratings measure what they purport to measure and, whether or not you agree with them, are they derived honestly and carry meaningful reliability. Other questions worth asking are does Michelin Travel Partner have the resources and the integrity to meet its stated goals and does it truly have the welfare of its readers and the chef profession at-large at heart.

In the days ahead, we will be writing about the little-known facts of Michelin’s history, recent developments, “breaking” news. and what others are writing in terms of opinion and analysis. We hope you will log in regularly. We plan to be interesting and at times provocative.

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